Quooker Taps into Automation for Eco-Friendly Distribution Hub

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Dutch boiling water tap manufacturer Quooker is brewing up a future-proof distribution strategy with the help of Swiss logistics automation specialist Swisslog. The collaboration centers on a new, high-tech logistics center in Nieuw Reijerwaard, Netherlands, which broke ground in a recent ceremony.

This €20 million project signifies Quooker's response to its booming international presence. Founded in Rotterdam in 1970, the company has become a global leader in its niche, currently operating in 15 countries. To meet the demands of this expansion, Quooker requires a larger and more automated facility to streamline its supply chain.

Swisslog, renowned for its expertise in data-driven and robot-based logistics solutions, was chosen to design and implement the new center's high-tech nervous system. The centerpiece of this automation will be Swisslog's Vectura pallet stacker crane, a high-bay warehouse solution ideal for the 23, 000-square-meter facility.

The most impressive aspect of this project is the robotic stacking and strapping technology, which promises a completely touchless picking and packing process. This innovation hinges on an Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS) capable of storing over 31, 000 pallets. The entire operation will be orchestrated by Swisslog's SynQ logistics software, the brain behind the brawn.

The new logistics center is not just about efficiency; sustainability is also a key ingredient. By implementing automation, Quooker expects to optimize its entire logistics process, reducing its environmental footprint. This focus on eco-friendliness aligns with the growing demand for sustainable practices throughout the supply chain.

The collaboration between Quooker and Swisslog represents a significant development in the world of logistics automation. With this new facility, Quooker is not only investing in its future growth but also setting a precedent for sustainable distribution practices within its industry.

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