JinkoSolar Powers Up World's Largest Green Hydrogen Project with 1GW Solar Panel Deal

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Chinese solar company JinkoSolar has secured a significant contract to supply solar panels for the world's most ambitious green hydrogen project currently underway in NEOM, Saudi Arabia. The deal, valued at hundreds of millions according to industry estimates, will see JinkoSolar provide 1 gigawatt (GW) of its advanced Tiger Neo N-Type TOPCon solar modules to the NEOM Green Hydrogen Project.

This collaboration marks a major milestone for both JinkoSolar and the NEOM project. JinkoSolar will be supplying its next-generation solar panels, known for their superior efficiency and power output, to a project aiming to revolutionize clean energy production. NEOM, a futuristic city under development in Saudi Arabia, is committed to becoming a global leader in sustainable technologies, and the Green Hydrogen Project is a cornerstone of this vision.

The NEOM Green Hydrogen Project is a colossal undertaking – a joint venture between NEOM, ACWA Power, and Air Products. The project, upon completion by the end of 2026, is expected to produce a staggering 600 tonnes of carbon-free hydrogen daily. This green hydrogen will then be converted into green ammonia, a clean-burning fuel for transportation and various industries.

JinkoSolar's 1GW Tiger Neo solar panels will play a critical role in powering the electrolysis process that separates water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen. The high efficiency of these panels will be crucial in maximizing the project's green hydrogen output and minimizing its environmental footprint.

The NEOM Green Hydrogen Project is not just about producing clean energy; it's also about creating a blueprint for the future of sustainable development. JinkoSolar's involvement in the project underscores the growing importance of solar energy in the global clean energy transition. By providing high-performance solar panels, JinkoSolar is helping to make the NEOM Green Hydrogen Project a reality and pave the way for a cleaner and more sustainable future.

This collaboration between a leading solar panel manufacturer and a pioneering clean energy project highlights the increasing synergy between innovation and implementation in the fight against climate change. The success of the NEOM Green Hydrogen Project has the potential to inspire similar large-scale green initiatives worldwide, accelerating the global shift towards renewable energy sources.

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