Emirates Launches SAF-Fueled Departures from Singapore

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Emirates, the flag carrier of the United Arab Emirates, has taken a significant step towards greener skies by launching flights powered by Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) from Singapore's Changi Airport. This initiative marks the airline's first foray into SAF adoption within Asia, a region with immense potential for becoming a leading supplier of this eco-friendly fuel alternative.

The move comes as part of a strategic fuel agreement with Neste, a global leader in renewable fuels. Over the past few weeks, roughly 3. 3 million liters of blended SAF have been integrated into Changi Airport's fueling system. Emirates is meticulously tracking the delivery and allocation of this fuel to ensure its environmental benefits are meticulously accounted for using established industry methodologies.

"Emirates' investment in Neste-produced SAF in Singapore signifies a crucial first step in our SAF implementation strategy across Asia, " remarked Adel Al Redha, Deputy President and Chief Operations Officer at Emirates. "This region is poised to become a prominent supplier of SAF, a resource that currently faces limitations in global availability. "

Neste's Vice President of Renewable Aviation Business, Alexander Kueper, expressed his enthusiasm about the collaboration. "We are thrilled that Emirates has chosen to utilize our Neste MY Sustainable Aviation Fuel at Changi Airport, signifying a new chapter in our ongoing partnership. This makes Emirates the first international carrier departing from Singapore to leverage SAF produced and supplied through our integrated supply chain at the airport's refinery. "

The adoption of SAF presents a compelling solution for reducing the environmental impact of air travel. SAF is derived from sustainable feedstocks such as used cooking oil and non-food biomass, offering a significant reduction in lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions compared to conventional jet fuel.

Emirates' venture into SAF-fueled flights from Singapore is a positive development for the aviation industry's pursuit of sustainable practices. It paves the way for larger-scale adoption of SAF in the future, not only in Singapore but across the entire Asian region. This collaboration between Emirates and Neste exemplifies a growing industry-wide commitment to environmental responsibility and paves the way for a greener future for air travel.

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