AI for Climate Solutions Shine at UAE AI Retreat

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Samsung Electronics MENA and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) crowned the winners of the ACT28 AI for Climate Hackathon at a special ceremony during the UAE’s AI Retreat 2024. The hackathon, launched in May 2024, aimed to leverage the power of technology to address climate challenges in the region.

Three standout projects impressed the judges with their innovative use of artificial intelligence (AI) and other advanced technologies.

Pestipilot AI, a project developed by a UAE-based team, utilizes AI-powered drones to optimize crop pesticide control. This system promises to minimize pesticide use and environmental impact while improving agricultural efficiency.

Another winning project, Gamified AI Recycling Bin for Efficient Waste Segregation, hailed from Saudi Arabia. This project incorporates AI into recycling bins to gamify waste sorting, aiming to increase public participation and improve waste management.

Green Finance Navigator, created by a team from Turkey, impressed the judges with its application of AI to assist in climate-friendly financial decision-making. This project aims to connect investors with sustainable investment opportunities.

The ACT28 Hackathon reflects a growing recognition of the potential of AI as a tool to combat climate change. By harnessing the creativity and technical expertise of young innovators, the competition serves as a springboard for developing practical solutions to environmental challenges.

The winning teams were awarded recognition at the AI Retreat 2024, a significant gathering focused on promoting the adoption of AI across various sectors. This event provided a platform for the ACT28 winners to showcase their creations and connect with potential partners and investors.

Samsung and UNDP’s collaboration on the ACT28 Hackathon highlights their commitment to supporting young innovators and fostering the development of climate-focused technologies. The success of the competition paves the way for future initiatives that leverage AI as a force for positive environmental change.

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