UAE issues 10-year visa for environment activists

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 The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has introduced a new visa program aimed at attracting and retaining individuals who significantly contribute to environmental protection. The "Blue Residency" visa offers a ten-year residency permit to those making exceptional efforts towards environmental sustainability. This initiative aligns with the UAE's designation of 2024 as the "Year of Sustainability."

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the UAE's Vice President and Prime Minister, announced the program during a cabinet meeting. He emphasized the growing connection between environmental well-being and economic prosperity. "The sustainability of our economy has become linked to the sustainability of our environment," he remarked.

The Blue Residency targets a wide range of environmental advocates. This includes individuals working in marine life preservation, land conservation, and air quality improvement. Additionally, those involved in developing sustainable technologies, the circular economy, and other related fields are eligible.

The program welcomes environmental supporters from various backgrounds. Researchers, activists, and members of international environmental organizations and companies are all encouraged to apply. Global award winners in the environmental sector are also prime candidates for the Blue Residency.

Specific details regarding the application process are still emerging. However, authorities have announced that applications can be submitted through the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs, and Port Security. Additionally, relevant environmental organizations can nominate individuals they believe meet the eligibility criteria.

The Blue Residency program is expected to attract a significant number of environmental specialists to the UAE. This influx of talent is likely to bolster the country's ongoing environmental initiatives and solidify its position as a global leader in sustainability. The UAE has implemented several ambitious environmental projects in recent years, including large-scale solar energy plants and innovative water conservation initiatives.

The introduction of the Blue Residency visa signifies the UAE's commitment to building a sustainable future. By attracting world-renowned environmental specialists, the UAE aims to accelerate progress on its environmental goals and establish itself as a hub for cutting-edge environmental research and development.

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Hyphen staff

Hyphen staff

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