ZTE and Telefónica Germany Partner on Groundbreaking Green Telecom Solution

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Barcelona: In a significant step towards environmental sustainability, ZTE Corporation, a leading information and communication technology provider, has successfully implemented a zero-carbon energy solution for a Telefónica Germany telecom site. This project marks the first commercial deployment of such a green solution in Germany.

The innovative solution combines solar energy, methanol-powered hydrogen fuel cells, and intelligent energy storage. This approach addresses the challenge of providing reliable power to remote telecom sites, where accessing grid power is often expensive and time-consuming. ZTE's solution prioritizes environmental friendliness, sustainability, and affordability, offering a robust and cost-effective alternative.

The core of the solution lies in the combination of solar power with methanol-powered hydrogen fuel cells. While solar energy serves as the primary source, hydrogen fuel cells act as a backup during winter months, ensuring uninterrupted power supply and seamless communication services for the surrounding community. This eliminates concerns about connectivity disruptions, particularly for residents in remote areas.

The solution's green credentials are noteworthy. Its reliance on solar energy and methanol fuel cells translates to minimal carbon emissions, with only water and a negligible amount of carbon dioxide produced as byproducts. This aligns perfectly with the German government and enterprises' commitment to sustainable development. By adopting this groundbreaking solution, Telefónica Germany demonstrates its leadership in environmental responsibility and sets a positive example for the telecommunications industry.

Furthermore, the solution eliminates the risks associated with traditional hydrogen storage and transportation by producing methanol hydrogen within the module itself. This enhances safety and environmental friendliness compared to conventional hydrogen fuel cells. This reliable and secure energy supply guarantees continuous and excellent communication services at the pilot site without compromising safety or sustainability.

ZTE's green solution holds wider implications for the European telecommunications sector. Its potential for application across other operators can contribute significantly to the industry's collective goal of carbon neutrality. By sharing its expertise and technological advancements, ZTE is actively driving the industry towards a greener and more sustainable future.

ZTE remains dedicated to continuous innovation for carbon neutrality. The company's ongoing commitment involves exploring diverse application scenarios in collaboration with partners, aiming to make significant contributions to both environmental and societal well-being.

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Hyphen staff

Hyphen staff

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