Symbio to Power Extreme H with Hydrogen Fuel Cells

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Pioneering off-road racing series Extreme E announced a major shift towards sustainable technology, partnering with Symbio, a leading developer of hydrogen fuel cells, as their official provider starting in 2025. This collaboration marks a significant step for Extreme E, transforming it into the world's first hydrogen-powered off-road racing series under the new moniker, Extreme H.

Symbio's involvement ensures the delivery of cutting-edge fuel cell technology and expertise, crucial for the series' successful transition to hydrogen power. The company, a frontrunner in zero-emission mobility solutions, designs, manufactures, and sells hydrogen fuel cells, catering to various applications, including light and heavy-duty vehicles, buses, and construction equipment.

This partnership aligns perfectly with the shared sustainability goals of both organizations. Symbio's commitment to developing clean alternatives resonates with Extreme H's dedication to minimizing environmental impact and promoting responsible practices. Both entities view this collaboration as a crucial step towards a greener future for motorsport.

The transition to hydrogen power signifies a significant advancement for Extreme H. Compared to the battery-powered vehicles currently used in Extreme E, hydrogen fuel cells offer several advantages. They boast faster refueling times, comparable to traditional gasoline vehicles, while maintaining the environmental benefits of zero-emission technology. Additionally, Symbio's fuel cells utilize green hydrogen, produced through renewable sources like solar and water, further bolstering the series' commitment to sustainability.

Extreme H officials expressed their enthusiasm about the partnership, highlighting Symbio's role in propelling the series towards a sustainable future. "We are delighted to announce Symbio as our Official Hydrogen Fuel Cell Provider," stated a representative. "This collaboration marks an exciting transition for the championship, which has always been a pioneer in sustainable technology solutions."

Symbio's CEO, Philippe Rosier, echoed the sentiment, emphasizing the significance of the partnership as a testing ground for their technology. "At Symbio, we believe motorsport offers a unique laboratory to test and adapt our technology to the most demanding conditions," he said. "This partnership allows us to showcase the capabilities of our fuel cells while contributing to the development of sustainable motorsport."

The upcoming transition to hydrogen power not only positions Extreme H as a leader in sustainable motorsport but also paves the way for advancements in hydrogen fuel cell technology. With Symbio's expertise and Extreme H's commitment to innovation, the series is poised to play a pivotal role in accelerating the adoption of clean energy solutions in the years to come.

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