Saudi Media Ministry Forges Partnerships for Media Development at LEAP 24

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The Saudi Ministry of Media announced the signing of four key agreements with international and local companies at the recently concluded LEAP 24, a leading technology exhibition held in Riyadh. These agreements aim to bolster the development of the Kingdom's media sector by fostering collaboration and upskilling media professionals.

The Ministry, represented by Vice Minister Dr. Abdullah bin Ahmed Al-Maghlouth, signed a collaboration agreement with tech giant Alibaba and its cloud computing arm, Alibaba Cloud. This partnership focuses on developing training programs for media personnel in areas like artificial intelligence (AI) and other cutting-edge technologies. This initiative aligns with the Kingdom's Vision 2030, which emphasizes digital transformation across various sectors, including media.

Another agreement was signed with the Chinese company eWTPA, specializing in media training and production. This partnership aims to provide training opportunities for both local and international journalists, enhancing their skills and knowledge. Additionally, eWTPA will offer comprehensive media support in Chinese, including translation, broadcasting, and publishing news related to the Saudi media landscape. This collaboration is expected to bridge the information gap between the two countries and foster cultural exchange.

Furthermore, the Ministry entered into an agreement with a renowned media organization, details of which are yet to be disclosed. This partnership is expected to contribute to the overall growth and modernization of the Saudi media sector by leveraging the expertise and resources of the established media entity.

The final agreement signed by the Ministry is with a leading media development organization. While the specific details of this partnership remain confidential, it is anticipated to play a crucial role in supporting the development of a robust and sustainable media ecosystem in the Kingdom.

These strategic partnerships signify the Saudi Ministry of Media's commitment to propelling the media sector forward by embracing innovation, fostering international collaboration, and investing in the development of its workforce. By equipping media professionals with the necessary skills and expertise, the Ministry aims to create a vibrant and dynamic media landscape that contributes to the Kingdom's socio-economic growth and global visibility.

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