Huawei Cloud Unveils Cutting-Edge AI at LEAP 2024

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At the LEAP 2024 conference in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Huawei Cloud showcased its latest advancements in artificial intelligence (AI), highlighting how these technologies are designed to propel various industries towards a more intelligent future. The company's participation aligns with Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030, a national roadmap emphasizing economic diversification and digital transformation.

Alan Qi, President of Huawei Cloud Middle East and Central Asia, expressed the company's enthusiasm for showcasing their innovative AI solutions at LEAP. He emphasized their belief that these solutions can be instrumental in driving digital transformation across different sectors, ultimately leading to the creation of "smarter, more sustainable cities."

Huawei Cloud's booth served as a platform to demonstrate how their GeoGenius Digital Twin Solution can pave the way for the next stage of urban development, envisioned as the "Cognitive City." This solution leverages AI and digital twin technology to create a virtual representation of a physical city, enabling real-time data collection, analysis, and simulation. This can lead to optimized city planning, resource management, and improved decision-making for authorities.

Beyond the concept of smart cities, Huawei Cloud presented a range of AI solutions tailored to address specific industry challenges. These included AI-powered manufacturing tools for optimizing production lines, intelligent healthcare solutions for enhancing medical diagnoses and treatment, and intelligent finance platforms designed to streamline financial processes and risk management.

Huawei Cloud's commitment to fostering a collaborative ecosystem was also evident at LEAP. The company highlighted its GoCloud and GrowCloud programs, designed to support partners and customers in their cloud migration and development journeys. These programs offer various resources, including training, marketing support, and technical assistance.

By showcasing its advanced AI capabilities and fostering a collaborative environment, Huawei Cloud seeks to position itself as a key player in accelerating the digital transformation of industries across Saudi Arabia and beyond. The company's focus on industry-specific solutions and its commitment to partnerships demonstrate its dedication to creating a future powered by intelligent technologies.

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