Gardena Unveils Battery-Powered Innovations for Effortless Gardening

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Gardena, a leading European gardening brand owned by Husqvarna Group, has announced a range of new battery-powered tools designed to streamline and simplify garden maintenance for the 2024 season. This launch reinforces Gardena's commitment to providing eco-friendly and user-friendly solutions for home and garden enthusiasts.

Central to Gardena's strategy is the Power for All Alliance, a collaborative effort established with Bosch in 2020. This alliance has created a universal 18V battery system compatible with over 100 power tools from various leading brands. Gardena's latest offerings leverage this platform, allowing users to enjoy the convenience of a single battery for multiple tasks.

One of the highlights of the new lineup is the Wall-Mounted Hose Box PowerRoll. This innovative product eliminates the hassle of manually coiling hoses. Equipped with a rechargeable battery, the PowerRoll automatically retracts the hose at the touch of a button, ensuring a smooth and effortless experience.

For cleaning tasks, Gardena introduces the versatile Multi Cleaner AquaBrush. This multi-functional tool combines effective cleaning with adaptability. The AquaBrush tackles dirt and grime on various surfaces around the house and garden, making it an ideal companion for diverse cleaning needs.

Another noteworthy addition is the Battery Weed Brush EasyWeed. This tool offers a powerful and efficient solution for weed removal, eliminating the need for manual labor and potentially harmful chemicals. The EasyWeed precisely targets and removes unwanted vegetation, ensuring a clean and well-maintained garden.

The lineup also features the Battery Grass and Shrub Shears PowerCut. This tool caters to tasks like maintaining lawn edges and shaping shrubs. The PowerCut delivers exceptional results, making it a valuable asset for keeping hedges and lawns in top shape.

These new battery-powered products are not only convenient and user-friendly but also contribute to Gardena's and Husqvarna Group's broader sustainability goals. The company aims to have two-thirds of its motorized products electrified by 2026, and the introduction of these new tools marks a significant step towards achieving that objective.

By offering a diverse range of innovative and eco-conscious solutions, Gardena positions itself as a leader in the evolving gardening landscape. The company's commitment to user experience and sustainable practices ensures that its products cater to the needs of modern gardeners while promoting environmental responsibility.

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